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Summer '22 Newsletter

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

In this Issue


A Word from the HOA President

After a hiatus of about 3 years, I am very pleased that we now have a vibrant Newsletter committee working diligently to publish quarterly newsletters. Please join me in thanking the members: Sarah Brumit (Editor), Megan Connolly (Editor/IT), Emily Bell, Gracie Roberts, Margaret Zimmerman and Tamey Williams. The first newsletter is being published electronically via email and posted on our website. We plan to also print and USPS mail future newsletters which will also contain advertisements for local businesses owned by HOA residents.

I am also pleased to announce that we have increased the number of volunteers for all of our committees since the start of 2022. This shows that we have a vibrant community that values working together to better our HOA by hosting social events and contributing to amenities repairs; just to name a few. With this, I invite you all to think about joining one, or more, of our committees which are: Social, Landscape, Amenities and Information Technology.

Finally, I am very happy with the new website for our community thanks to the efforts of the Information Technology committee. A special thank you to Megan Connolly who stepped up and led the effort to design and implement the new look and feel.

Now, sit back, relax and enjoy reading this Quarterly Summer Newsletter


Summer Events

Annual 4th of July Celebration!

Please join us for our biggest event of the year, the Annual 4th of July Celebration on

Saturday, July 2nd from 12pm-8pm!

The party will be held at the Clubhouse and Pool. This year we will have:

  • Catered La Margarita Mexican food lunch between 1-3pm

  • Fun for the kids including a waterslide, bounce house, & snow cones

  • Margaritas & keg for those 21+

To join us, please RSVP via the evite or by emailing with the number of adults & kids by noon on Monday, June 27th so that we have an accurate headcount to order food; which will be catered. The RSVP will also allow you to obtain a food wristband on Friday before the event. Wristbands can be picked up with an ID on Friday, June 1st from 7-10pm at the Clubhouse to avoid the line on the day of the event. Residents that RSVP and have a wristband will be served food first. If you did not RSVP, you will need to show proof that you own, or rent, a property in the Club at Wells Point HOA before obtaining a wrist band - also note that you will be served food after we have served all those that did RSVP by the deadline.

Please bring a dessert to share (preferably dropped off Friday night or Saturday morning), and your own chairs as there will be limited seating.

We still need pop up tents for shade and volunteers to help for one hour time slots!

Please follow this link to sign up to volunteer or email


Event Ideas

Please send your suggestions for social events to You are also welcome to join the social committee and host social events at the clubhouse or park! Here are some social event ideas in addition to the ones already scheduled - we can easily schedule more!

  • Watch Party for a movie or football / baseball / basketball game

  • Book Club

  • Moms/Dad night out

  • Yoga

  • Crossfit

  • Ballroom Dancing: Country Western, Salsa, Bachata, Zouk, Tango and more!


Upcoming Social Events

  • Ladies Bunco on Friday July 8th

  • Co-Ed poker on Friday August 12th

Please visit our social event calendar for a complete list of social events through the end of 2022.


Resident Write-Ups

Housing Prices Update

by Gracie Roberts

Over the past 3 months we had 10 houses going on the market in this neighborhood. The average list price was $573,000.00, but the average closed price was at $636,000.00 The average listing pricing in Austin-Round Rock is $683,195.00.


Heating up! How to Care for Your Lawn This Summer

by Sarah Brumit

With the temperatures soaring and not much rain in sight, here are some tips for keeping your grass thriving this summer.

  • Grass will benefit from infrequent but deep watering on permitted days. Pflugerville is currently under Stage 2 watering restrictions. Hand watering can be done at any time, but if using a sprinkler or irrigation system, your watering day is as follows, before 10am and after 7pm only:

    • Addresses ending in an even number: Thursday & Sunday

    • Addresses ending in an odd number: Wednesday & Saturday

  • Adjust your mower blade to leave your grass taller, increasing the amount of shade to your soil. Sharpen your mower blade after approximately 10 hours of mowing for the healthiest blades of grass.

  • Try leaving your clippings on the lawn instead of bagging them.

  • Ensure that you do not leave toys, inflatables, litter, furniture, etc on the grass for long periods of time.


Have something to share with the community or would like to contribute content for the newsletter? Please send an email to In the future our newsletters will include paid advertising spots to offset costs and promote neighbor-owned businesses.


Committee Corner

Updates on Pool & Playscape

The playscape is currently closed as we await new mulch. The community’s help will be needed to spread the mulch and spruce up the playground, so please stay tuned for updates.

Currently the pool is open, but you will notice rust on the plaster caused by work done on the water tower. The city is aware of this issue and actively working with the contractor who refurbished the water tower on a remediation plan. The pool is being treated as best as it can given the amount of rust which is wreaking havoc with the chemical balance. It is also being cleaned as part of our normal pool service and is safe to swim. Unfortunately, due to the heavy rust in the pool, there may be times when the pool will need to be closed so that the chemical balance can be reestablished.

The tennis court recently got a brand new tennis net installed. Special thanks to the amenities committee and especially Chloe Hall who led the effort.

If you notice anything that needs attention around the amenities please send an email to


Keeping our Amenities Clean


  • We urge all residents to please pick up after themselves, especially trash (bottles, wrappers etc..) before departing the pool. On more than one occasion the Amenities committee has found plastic bottles and trash left on tables and the deck which made their way into the pool and clogged skimmers!

  • Please return tables and chairs to their original location if you, and your guests, decided to move them to accommodate your visit.

Fitness Center

  • We ask all users of the fitness center to wipe down all the equipment they have used during their workout and return it to its original location. This is not only basic sanitation but will also help slow down the spread of germs.

Common Grounds

  • Please help us keep our common grounds clean by picking up trash and placing it in the silver garbage cans around the property.


Deed Restrictions and Reminders

Home Improvements:

Friendly reminder that all improvements to the exterior of your home need to be approved by submitting an application to the Architectural Committee. More information can be found on our website or by emailing

Trash Cans:

Remember to stow away your trash/recycle can within 24 hours from the end of the trash/recycle pickup day.

Wooden Fences:

Please keep your wooden property fences in good condition by replacing any rotting or deteriorated sections. Remember property owners sharing a common fence are equally responsible for the costs of the maintenance, or replacement, of the fence. Please work with your neighbors to arrive at an agreeable solution.


Please cut your lawn on a regular basis in addition to trimming trees and shrubs. Maintain a weed free landscape by treating your lawn and applying a weed barrier and mulch to the base of trees and shrubs.


Join a committee!

Our HOA is volunteer run by neighbors like you. Please consider making a difference in the neighborhood by volunteering on a committee. If you can help, please contact stating which committee you would like to join. The committee chair will reach out to you so that the next steps can be taken.

Have something to share with the community or would like to contribute content for the newsletter? Please send an email to In the future our newsletters will include paid advertising spots to offset costs and promote neighbor-owned businesses.


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