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Grilling Station

The Grilling Station is equipped with a built-in 5-burner stainless-steel propane-tank-fueled grill with lights inside and a rotisserie unit, two side burners, built-in charcoal grill, hot & cold water sink with soap dispenser, paper towel holder, built-in ice chest, and slide-out trash can. It has several electrical outlets available for use. The station is under a large pergola and is covered with a bronze poly-carbonate top to protect from rain and other falling debris.


The Charcoal grill is available for use to anyone. Please be sure to clean it thoroughly.  The cleaning supplies are underneath.  It is also available for reservation.  If you plan to use the charcoal grill without a reservation, please check the calendar below to see if it is reserved. Do no leave hot coals in grills.  Use heat resistant gloves and shovel to remove coals and ash.  Empty into ceramic pot to the right of the grill. Do not use water or any other liquid to extinguish hot coals or ash.


The Propane Grill and Side Burners are available by reservation only.  You must provide your own propane tank.  

To reserve please fill out the Reservation Form and send it to

Check the calendar to see if your date is available.  Please be advised that an application for a date may be in file, but not on the calendar yet. Once the Station has been booked, it will be added to the calendar.

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